One of the most beautiful islands of the Argosaronic Sea in which it is worth one living or even to visit it to rest, to relax, to enjoy is Aigina.
Aigina with the excellent climate, the clear sea, the beautiful beaches, the picturesque streets, the taverns with the traditional recipes (mezedes), the wine, ouzo and tsipouro, is situated only 40’-60’ from Piraeus.
Historically, Aigina was named after “AIGINA” the daughter of Aesop and wife of Zeus.
In modern times under Kapodistrias it became the first capital of the Free Greek State.
In the island there are preserved historical monuments as the temple of Afaia, which was devoted to Goddess Athena, the archaeological site of Kolona etc.
In the inland can be found the miraculous Monastery of Saint Nectarios where his remains are kept.
Aigina is also known for:
a)    it’s cultural life. Many artists who have their villas on the island contribute with the local cultural groups in the development and advertising of cultural events.
b)    The Peanut, typical local produce of Aigina, with unique quality and taste.

Aiginitissa is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of the island. It is situated 6 km southwest of the city, 1 km before the fishermen’s village of Perdika.
It extends from the homonymous beach and climbs up the Profitis Elias hill. In this amphitheatrical area are located the plots of the “Building Society of Scientists, Intellectuals, Artists Syn.P.E.” in the same area are of course the properties and the buildings of the members of the Society. All the plots are within the boundaries of the settlement and are therefore full and buildable. They have a size of 500m2 and more (one portion). There are of course cases where two consecutive (two portions) are available and in this case we have a plot of more than 1,000m2.
The building factor in the area of the settlement is 0,4, therefore should anyone wish to construct, on each portion they can cover up to 200m2, a large surface indeed.
The Society has a full road network. Each plot has a façade to the street. In front of each plot passes the water supply network of the Society and there is a manhole fir the placement of the water consumption meter.
All the plots have magnificent view of the Argosaronic Sea and overlook Angistri, Poros, Methana etc. From above, the view is even more phantasmagoric as you can even see the coast of Attiki.
From the slope of Aiginitissa the sunset is unmatched, and can only be compared with the sunset from the Santorini Caldera.
After all, it is not by chance what they say that “whom can live in Aiginitissa is happy, because Aigina is an island in which it is worth living on”.