The "CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTISTS-INTELLECTUALS AND ARTISTS" legally founded in 1964 with 39814/6464 - 16/05/1964 decision of Minister of Labour.
Athens's office address is Kratinos 7 Athens (p.o 105 51) which is the center of activities and occupied by the administration.

Governing Body:
At the Ordinary General Meeting on 02.04.2017, the following members were elected to the Board Cooperative:

Board of Directors:


Board's seat




Spyridon Andrikopoulos

+30 6945468940

Vice President

Helen Schoina

+30 6972776798


Vattis Dimitrios

+30 6944831918


Anna Skaltsioti-Christodoulou

+30 6944183615


Lydia Katsini

Dimitrios Michas

+30 6946954272

+30 6983524518

Purpose of the Association:
The cooperative, according to its statutes, has the sole purpose of securing for its members the main or holiday home on land lawfully held within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Aegina and general overhaul, reconstruction and rehabilitation of housing area for the benefit of members.
The extent of the Association is four hundred thirty-eight acres and seven hundred ten sq.m. (438.710), is in the Prophet Elias the agrarian region community Partridge of Aegina Municipality. It starts from the beach Aiginitissa and climb the hill of Prophet Elias.
Has approved street plan, following its revision in 1993 (Gov. 559D / 21.05.1993), received its final form, which results in a total area of ​​228 well-plots 237.246,17 sq.m. The remaining area of ​​201.065 sq.m. is the network of roads footpaths and public spaces.
Each plot of 228 is divided into two parts. Each part is a portion which has an area of ​​over 500 sq.m. and is a buildable plot.
The building factor in the settlement is 0.4, so the buildings in each portion can cover 200 m², which is a clearly a large surface.
The Association has a comprehensive road network and each plot has frontage on the street. In front of each plot passes water network of the Association and is receiving meter pit.
All plots of Building Cooperative located within this, exceptional natural beauty, amphitheater area. They have exquisite views of the Saronic Gulf islands Agistri, Poros and Methana etc. From the top, the view is even more spectacular as seeing and the coast of Attica.
From the slope of Aiginitissa, the
sunset is unparalleled, compared only to the sunset of the caldera of Santorini.
Combine for members of the quality of life of a vacation home out of the suffocating urban environment, while offering advantages because of their proximity to the town of Aegina and the port of Piraeus.